That Plum Beanbag

Ain’t this adorable? A large dotted Plum Beanbag. Just perfect for purple-shippers! I could imagine myself lounging in this..

dark plum dottie beanbag


Available at PBTeen.




Hi, There…

What am I doing? Hahaha, I’ve created another blog on a whim! Why? I was taking a look at some themes the other day and I suddenly had this thought, Oh! I miss blogging with

Duh?! My blogs are running on, lol! Big difference.. I’m crazy like that. Another reason is that I suddenly thought of the moniker ‘Purple Missy’ and I figured that deserve a blog of its own. If only for me to see it on a header. But I was not about to buy a domain name for that {yet… }.

So here I am..Purple Missy. What will this be about? Well, since I’m a purple obsessed girl, then this would be about purple things, purple finds. and of course thoughts colored purple! You might ask, are there really thoughts colored purple? So, I’ll let you in on a secret, purple thoughts are simply thoughts I don’t have any category to shelve to. Haha in other words, they are random, mundane, crazy thoughts.

If you’re not turned off with me sharing some crazy purple thoughts, then do stick around and visit me once in a while.

P.S. It did occur to me that I’m like speaking in circles.. hehe..